What are you afraid of?

The dark? Losing your job? Covid-19?

My name is Omari. 11 years ago, I was sitting on the porch "choppin'" it up with a friend of mine, let's call him Markus. I was still in college and didn't know what I wanted to do when I graduated. Markus didn't really want to go to college. As Markus and I talked about what the future might hold, all of a sudden I felt this strong desire to talk about Jesus and to pray for him. I ignored it.

See, I had been a Christian for 10 years. For most of those years, I'd been afraid to share God's Word and talk about Jesus with strangers and even some friends and family. Markus wasn't a Christian but he was my friend. I was worried about what he would tell our mutual friends about the conversation. Fear of rejection immobilized me. Fear of being labeled a 'church boy' kept my mouth shut! Markus was a friend so I figured that next time we spoke, I'd definitely share Jesus with him. Next time never came.

Some time after our conversation, Markus was arrested and was given 20+ years in state prison. Now I wonder, if I had only mentioned Jesus, would that have changed the trajectory of his life? Would it have changed mine? 

Late 2019, I thought about Markus and our conversations and it struck me that the uneasiness I felt sharing the gospel then, still lingered. I knew I couldn't be the only Christian struggling with this, so I did some research.

Did you know, that 44% of young Christians keep their faith to themselves, never sharing the gospel? 41% of young people who don't go to church, report that they are open to attending if only they were invited! 40% of self-identified young Christians say they have never read the Bible!

I discussed this research with my wife, Renee. We both agreed that we wanted to create a brand to remind Christians to live fearlessly. We prayed and we created Aphobos.

Aphobos is a Greek word meaning "Without Fear." Aphobos is a lifestyle brand with a mission to encourage every young Christian to be unafraid to share God's Word in their everyday lives, using education, entertainment and apparel.