What are you afraid of?

The dark? Losing your job? Covid-19?

My name is Omari. 11 years ago, I was sitting on the porch "choppin'" it up with a friend of mine, let's call him Markus. I was still in college and didn't know what I wanted to do when I graduated. Markus didn't really want to go to college. As Markus and I talked about what the future might hold, all of a sudden I felt this strong desire to talk about Jesus and to pray for him. I ignored it.

See, I had been a Christian for 10 years. For most of those years, I'd been afraid to share God's Word and talk about Jesus with strangers and even some friends and family. Markus wasn't a Christian but he was my friend. I was worried about what he would tell our mutual friends about the conversation. Fear of rejection immobilized me. Fear of being labeled a 'church boy' kept my mouth shut! Markus was a friend so I figured that next time we spoke, I'd definitely share Jesus with him. Next time never came.

Some time after our conversation, Markus was arrested and was given 20+ years in state prison. Now I wonder, if I had only mentioned Jesus, would that have changed the trajectory of his life? Would it have changed mine? 

Late 2019, I thought about Markus and our conversations and it struck me that the uneasiness I felt sharing the gospel then, still lingered. I knew I couldn't be the only Christian struggling with this, so I did some research.

Did you know, that 44% of young Christians keep their faith to themselves, never sharing the gospel? 41% of young people who don't go to church, report that they are open to attending if only they were invited! 40% of self-identified young Christians say they have never read the Bible!

I discussed this research with my wife. We both agreed that we wanted to create a brand to remind Christians to live fearlessly. We prayed and we created Aphobos®.

Aphobos® is a Greek word meaning "Without Fear." Aphobos® is a lifestyle brand with a mission to encourage every young Christian to be unafraid to share God's Word in their everyday lives.

If you need prayer or just want to say hi, do not hesitate to email us at prayer(at)aphobos(dot)com